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Finally there are private acting schools

workshop in english to prepare students for professional careers in Film, Television, Broadcast and Public Communications, through self-awareness, self discipline and practical experience.

Scene Study Course Content:

  • Relaxation
  • Imagination
  • Improvisation
  • Creating a Character
  • Scoring the Script
  • Avoiding Emotional Traps in Acting
  • Transforming Written Text into Spoken Story
  • Conquering Fear

Learn what it takes to be an improv performer. Create characters on the spot, think quicker on your feet, sharpen your wit and have fun!


Lee Strasberg

The actor must learn to control the most sensitive material available to any craftsman: The living organism of a human being in all of its manifestations - mental, physical and emotional. The actor is at once the piano and the pianist.

Announcement: 12TH INTERNATIONAL
Short Film Festival Winterthur

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Kim Robillard der Hollywood-Actor gibt Kurse an der ABC Schauspielschule in Zürich

click on the link of Kim Robillard

Perfection can kills creativity: ABC-Schauspielschule in Züirch, School for Theater and Film: In my class. You'll learn to let go of perfection and have fun again! And believe me... that is more than half of the battle! You can play in your work. You'll get noticed and book the job. You'll start to relish the pressure and say. Bring it on!


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